About SAPE

Welcome to the Homepage of the Society of Avian Paleontology and Evolution, an international scientific society dedicated to the study of the evolution of birds. The Society had its first meeting in 1985. Conferences are held at 4-yearly intervals and have been in France, China, USA, Australia, Germany, Austria, and Argentina with the next to be held in Spain. Here you will find news and information about SAPE, how to become a member of the society, current members, past and future meetings, and links to many sites of importance to those who have an interest in fossil birds, bird origins, or any other aspect of the evolution of birds.

Although SAPE long has been a society first and foremost for avian palaeontologists, both the society and its meetings are open to anyone with a general interest in bird evolution. Apart from those who consider themselves palaeontologists, we welcome people who are students of the more general, all inclusive topic of avian evolution, be they students, resource managers, or teachers. Birds are excellent models for addressing a wide range of scientific questions; we therefore encourage students and professionals of relevant research areas—functional morphology, conservation paleontology, and molecular systematics, among others—to participate in SAPE forums, especially its conferences. Our collective research provides key insights into critical issues, from evolutionary literacy to global change, and the integration of diverse disciplines will benefit this research and hence knowledge of avian evolution. Welcome to our Society and see you in Spain in 2020!

Luis M. Chiappe, SAPE President

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