You can join or leave the the Society of Avian Paleontology and Evolution by contacting the Secretary.

Statement on Dues

  • Dues are collected in addition to the registration fees at the Society’s 4-yearly meeting. Because the Society’s meetings are held every 4 years, Society dues cover the following four (4) years.
  • Current and former members (and other interested parties) who did not attend the Diamante meeting will be notified by the Treasurer that dues are currently payable, to be paid for four (4) years at one time.
  • Any member may request and receive a waiver of dues if payment would impose a financial hardship.
  • Adam Smith (Bob Campbell Geology Museum, USA) has been elected Treasurer.
  • Membership costs $20.00 USD for a 4-year term (or until the next SAPE meeting in Malaga, Spain when dues will be collected once again) and should be paid via the PayPal link below. If you do not already have a PayPal account, you will be required to provide some information to register for an account. To send money to SAPE via PayPal, search for our treasurer’s email address:

  • Dues are for a 4-year period.

  • Failure to respond to dues payment request either by: 1) payment of dues, or 2) request for a waiver will result in member being removed from membership rolls.


Adopted by the Executive Council, in Diamante, Argentina, August 2016.