You can join the Society of Avian Paleontology and Evolution simply by contacting the Secretary Vanesa de Pietri (University of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ).

Statement on Dues

    Membership fees cover a 3-year term:
    -$30.00 USD for students (undergraduate-, graduate-, PhD-students)
    -$50.00 USD for professionals (postdocs, researchers, etc.)

    Membership fees cover a maximum term of 3 years. A 3-year term comprises the period between the Society’s meetings (currently the period of 2023-2026).

    We provide a reduction of the membership fee for members residing in a Middle HDI Country (UN HDI index 0.85-0.55) and in Developing Countries (UN HDI index of <0.55) as defined here.
    Reduced membership fees for a 3-year term are: $20.00 USD

    To request a reduced membership fee, or for any other questions concerning membership dues, please contact the society’s elected treasurer Adam Smith (; Campbell Geology Museum, USA).

    Dues can be paid via PayPal (we are currently working on additional online payment options) throughout the year or can optionally be collected together with registration fees at the Society’s triennial meeting.
    If PayPal and other methods of online transfers of funds are unavailable in your country of residence, please email the Treasurer ( to discuss alternative methods of payment.

    Current and former members (and other interested parties) who have not paid their fees during early 2023 or during the past meeting in Malaga will be notified by the Treasurer that dues are currently payable, to be paid for three (3) years at one time.

    Any member may request a waiver of dues if payment would impose a financial hardship.

Adopted by the Executive Council, June 2023.